Mixing a Hip Hop Vocal Into an Instrumental (Intro) [1 of 7]

This is the introdution to the newest series I put together called How to Mix a Hip Hop Vocal & Instrumental.  In this series I use mostly stock plugins but I also feature the new Manny Marroquin Signature Series Plugin Bundle by Waves.  I tried to find a way to do the entire mix with just Manny’s plugins but unfortunately I just couldn’t get it to work.  Even though all his plugins sounded great I was only able to use 4 out the 6 because I found a couple other options that just seemed to work better with this particular song.

Track Info

The Breakdown

This series was originally created as a video series where I would release 1 video per day for 7 days.  But due to a few requests, I’ve also decided to turn this into an article series for those who would like to read and follow along rather then watch the videos.  It just makes sense!  So let’s break down how this series is going to unfold:

Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – The Instrumental
Part 3 – Verse Vocals
Part 4 – Chorus Vocals
Part 5 – Specified Delays
Part 6 – Track Effects
Part 7 – Master Bus and Automation

So each day (or part) will consist of something different and I will be showing how I approached that particular part of the mix.  I broke it down into these parts so that it would be a little bit easier to digest.  So instead of trying to understand it all in one sitting you can finish each part at your own leisure.

YouTube Video Source: Mixing a Hip Hop Vocal Into an Instrumental [Part 1 of 7]