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Tips for Mixing 808 Basslines
Ahh, the wonderful world of 808’s and how to get all of that low end to fit in between the speakers. Who doesn’t like their cones pushing massive amounts of air, right?
Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Lu Diaz (Round 2)
Mix Engineer and Producer Lu Diaz is based in Miami Florida. He is a three-time Grammy Award winner and is credited with over 30 platinum and gold record awards.
How to Do Quick Mixes that Everyone Will Love
I’ve talked about this topic a few times before, but I thought I might elaborate on it some more. If you produce your own music AND you also mix it, this article might not be for you.
Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Stan Greene
Stan Greene is a mix engineer based out of North Hollywood, CA.  He started his career working at one of[...]
10 Pro Mixing Engineers Discuss Their Favourite In-The-Box Compressors
Last week I posted an article where I took quotes from 10 very successful audio engineers who told me what[...]
Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Anthony Galatis
Anthony Galatis is a london-based producer, songwriter and mix-engineer with several No.1 and top 10 hits to his name. He[...]

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