How to Do Quick Mixes that Everyone Will Love

I’ve talked about this topic a few times before, but I thought I might elaborate on it some more. If you produce your own music AND you also mix it, this article might not be for you.

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Stan Greene - Mix Engineer

Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Stan Greene

Stan Greene is a mix engineer based out of North Hollywood, CA.  He started his career working at one of the most renowned studios in Los Angeles – Larrabee Sound Studios in North Hollywood, CA and worked as a mix assistant to Grammy award winning mixer Manny Marroquin. He assisted on records such as Imagine […]

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10 Pro Mixing Engineers Discuss Their Favourite In-The-Box Compressors

Last week I posted an article where I took quotes from 10 very successful audio engineers who told me what their favourite in-the-box equalizer was. So this week is the exact same concept except for the fact that it’s all about compression! I love asking these guys what they are using inside-the-box because let’s face […]

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Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Anthony Galatis

Anthony Galatis is a london-based producer, songwriter and mix-engineer with several No.1 and top 10 hits to his name. He runs Uptown Studios, a boutique recording studio in London’s prestigious Matrix Complex and works with artists and songwriters in a wide range of genres from pop to dance to musical theatre. Anthony also won the […]

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10 Pro Mixing Engineers Discuss Their Favourite In-The-Box Equalizers

Ever since starting Modern Mixing, I’ve had the privelage of speaking with some very talented engineers (some whose work I have followed for some time) in a series I like to call the Psychology of a Mix Engineer. I started the series for selfish reasons (if I’m being honest) because I truly was curious about […]

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Luca Pretolesi - Mix Engineer

Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Luca Pretolesi

Luca Pretolesi is an Italian born mixing and mastering engineer currently working out of Studio DMI based in Las Vegas, NV. He has received two Grammy nominations for his work on Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnated” album and Steve Aoki’s “Wonderland” album. His increasing notoriety is in big part to the number of high-profile DJs and producers […]

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Q&A Webinar with Mixing Engineer Ghislain Brind’Amour

Subscribe to the Modern Mixing YouTube Channel I was joined by pro mixing engineer Ghislain Brind’Amour as he answered questions from Modern Mixing subscribers. He answered everything from summing, to vocal mixing, to mixbuss processing, to the importance of a well treated room and many more… Some of Gee’s credits include: Rihanna Young Avz Anjulie, […]

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Are You a Copycat Mixing Engineer?

“It’s better to sound new than to sound good” – Dave Pensado Ahh, what a prolific statement, don’t you think? Yet we’re all so obsessed with what the next guy is doing and even worse, we’re trying to copy what he is doing. Side note: Sharing ideas and inspiring one another is not the same […]

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get clients to like your mix

How to Get Clients to LOVE Your Mixes

Is there anything worse then sending out a mix for review and waiting to hear back? The suspense can be killer. You want them to love it but you also understand that revisions are part of the process. And even though you know that revisions are a part of the process, hearing that they aren’t […]

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Slate Virtual Console Collection VCC 2.0

Subscribe to the Modern Mixing YouTube Channel Song in video: The Sandman’s Orchestra – The Rememberer You can download the multitrack for this song here: The Rememberer Multitrack In this video I put together a quick demonstration of what the NEW Slate Virtual Console Collection 2.0 is capable of. This new version of VCC comes […]

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Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Phil Tan

Phil Tan is an Atlanta, GA-based mixing engineer. As one of the most successful mixing engineers of all time, Phil Tan has mixed and/or recorded 26 singles that have reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The amount of sales for albums and singles, Phil is credited on, have totaled in excess 250 million. […]

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Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Marc McClusky

Marc McClusky is a Platinum selling Mixer and Producer from New York City. Marc has worked with artists such as:  Weezer, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Ludo, Everclear, Motion City Soundtrack, William Beckett, LetLive and many others. Contact information for Marc: Email: Twitter: @Marcmcclusky Facebook:   How did you get your start in the […]

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Compression VS Equalization: Fight!

You’re probably thinking: “Is this guy seriously comparing compression to EQ? Everyone knows that they serve two completely different purposes” And I wouldn’t disagree. Aside: I actually do use compression as another form of EQ but I’ll explain that a bit later. This article is more about the mental battle that we engineers face (internally) […]

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