Slate Virtual Console Collection VCC 2.0

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Song in video: The Sandman’s Orchestra – The Rememberer
You can download the multitrack for this song here: The Rememberer Multitrack

In this video I put together a quick demonstration of what the NEW Slate Virtual Console Collection 2.0 is capable of.

This new version of VCC comes with a lot more features which now puts this thing on steroids.

Some Newly Added Features

  • You’ll find a brand new modeled API console (sound fantastic)
  • A brand new SSL 4k E modeled console
  • As I understand it, the Tube Console also got an upgrade.

But it doesn’t stop there because the VCC 2.0 now has 12dB’s MORE input gain as well as 12 dB’s MORE gain on the DRIVE knob.

All I can say is I am very impressed with this FREE upgrade. Kudos to the Slate team on a job well done with the VCC 2.0.

Check out the video for a whole slew of demos.

YouTube Video Source: Slate Virtual Console Collection VCC 2.0

  • Themba Masina

    Hi guys
    I’m just a beginner in mixing and it’s amazing to hear from such professional about this great stuff. So my question is that all methods and gears you’ve mentioned, can it be used on a live sound or not. Because i’ll be glad to get more information and follow you website guys. Anyway thanks a lot for all you information guys. I just need you to clarify where to use all that we learn from you guys.
    Thank you

  • Jordan

    I’m curious to know what you mean when you say “has 12dB’s more input gain as well as 12 dB’s more gain on the drive knob”. What does this mean, and how is it beneficial?

    • It means that there is 12 dB’s more gain on those particular knobs from the previous version of VCC. More gain just means more distortion and cool. You can really slam these things if you need too. Cheers.

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