This One Phase Tip Could Save Your Next Mix

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Song in Video: Avril V – Looking My Way

A lot of times when we are mixing recorded drums, it’s common practice to go through them and make sure that the phase is in check.  This keeps our drums sounding solid and also helps to retain punch as well as low end.

But what happens when we mix programmed drums?  Do the same phasing issues apply?

Check out the video to find out.

Video Source: This One Phase Tip Could Save Your Next Mix

  • Iain

    hi Justin … great job highlighting phase problems … especially with samples. I am confused though with your use of a stereo bus for your mono kicks … and then you put the snares in there too. If you want to do further processing on the snares do you set up a separate snr buss?

    • Justin Smith

      Hey Iain.
      This is my mixing laziness at its best. I originally had the kicks and snares in two separate busses and then decided later on that I would prefer to have them in the same buss processed together – so I did so. I just never renamed the bus. As far as what I normally do. I just normally send all the drums to a bus but in this case, I felt that the snares and kicks needed some separate love and that’s why I did that. It’s a case by case thing really.

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