BPB introduces “Cassette 909” (Free Sample Pack)

Bedroom Producers Blog has become a good friend to Modern Mixing over the last few months and has been gracious in posting about the site.

If you haven’t heard about the site, it’s actually pretty cool.  The focus is mainly on freeware for musicians so anything from effects and processing for mixing to VST instruments.  so if you are a huge freebie hunter than it might be a site worth checking out.

I was visting BPB recently and noticed that they released the BPB Casette 909 samples pack which is a free kit Based on an extensive set of clean Roland TR-909 recordings created by Edgar Maguyon.

About The Free 909 Sample Kit

There’s 3 separate folders: 1 is clean and the other two are variations of input drive through the tape stage.  If you are into that 909 and 808 sound than I think that this BPB free 909 kit could be a nice little companion to your drum library.

In combination, I think that they could work well together with the Trap Drums HQ Free Demo Kit.

This free sample pack adds a touch of that lo-fi audio cassette crunch to the iconic TR-909 drum sound.

These were 909 samples previously recorded using various settings but BPB trimmed them into individual one shots.

A while ago, Edgar Maguyon (aka Edgar M) has released an epic collection of Roland TR-909 drum machine recordings. He tried to capture all the possible settings of the 909, resulting in over 8000 individual drum hits in digital format. It was a great sounding and incredibly versatile collection of 909sounds, however the downside was that the recordings weren’t trimmed into individual samples.

From there they went into a a tape deck using a CrO2 cassette tape.  They were captured at two different gain settings and then ran back into digital and sampled into the one shots you hear now.

In agreement with Edgar, I took these long TR-909 recordings and trimmed them down to individual one shots. The best drum hits were than recorded to a CrO2 cassette tape using my trusty cassette deck pictured below. I recorded the samples to a cassette at two different gain settings, in order to get two different cassette saturation flavors for this kit.

Finally, the samples were re-sampled back to the DAW and trimmed down to individual hits. The result is a collection of 155 carefully edited one shot samples of the TR-909 drum machine, with 71 clean samples and 84 tape processed hits (these are organized into two separate folders, according to the gain setting).

The one thing that I thought was kind of cool about these samples is that you can hear a little tape his in the background of the sounds, in the two tape folders.

It adds a little extra character that is a kin to sampling from records.

What Comes in The Cassette 909 Pack

  • 155 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format
  • 71 clean Roland TR-909 one shot samples
  • 84 tape processed Roland TR-909 one shot samples
  • Demo track (320 kbps MP3)

Remember, Sharing’s Caring

To download the free 909 samples and read the original article, click here.

BPB asks that you share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ before you download it.  You aren’t obligated to do so but I honestly think it’s a good idea.  It takes a lot of time and effort to record and edit a sample library, plus it’s FREE!  Do the right thing and click on the share button.