65 FREE Samples from TRAP DRUMS HQ

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If you liked these free samples, why not check what The Full TrapDrumsHQ Kit has to offer?

*Includes OVER 300 unique samples & FX*

About The Trap Drum Samples

HQ Recording

These sounds were all recorded from analog gear into a pair of API 312 preamps. If you are familiar with API’s you know how wonderful the midrange is.

Only The Best Were Chosen

From there I personally went through 1600 sounds and picked the best ones.  I refined some more, did some layering and ended up with what I felt where the absolute best 300+ sounds.  This FREE pack contains 65 of those 300.

Additional Processing

I specifically went through every sound and tweaked them with EQ, Tape Emulation and a few other tools to get the cleanest, yet most aggressive sounds I possibly could and I am more than happy with the results.

Contents of the FREE Trap Drum Sample Pack

This of course is a free sample of the FULL VERSION of Trap Drums HQ but this FREE pack contains 65 VERY High Quality sounds, along with a standard 808 kit that I left unprocessed.  I know it can be hard to find an 808 kit that hasn’t been sent through the ringer so this is a *BONUS* gift for you and is absolutely Free.  Your Welcome!

So What’s inside?

  • MM-TDHQ-1.Clean 808 Kit
  • MM-TDHQ-808s
  • MM-TDHQ-Claps
  • MM-TDHQ-Crashes
  • MM-TDHQ-Hats
  • MM-TDHQ-Kicks
  • MM-TDHQ-Open Hats
  • MM-TDHQ-Rides
  • MM-TDHQ-Snares
  • MM-TDHQ-Toms
  • MM-TDHQ-Tuned808s

In each of those folders is approx 5-10 samples with a total of 65 really HIGH QUALITY sounds made for trap music.

So there you have it.  Whether you are producing, mixing music, or maybe a bit of both, these high quality trap samples will serve all of your needs.  Remember if you liked these samples, don’t be forget to check out the full kit here.