The Best High Quality Trap Drum Kit

Gary NobleGrammy Award Winning Producer/Mix Engineer

I downloaded the kit and the sounds are of high quality with plenty of room to eq, compress,saturate or distort as you see fit

The Best High Quality Trap Drum Kit

Get 65 FREE High Quality samples from TrapDrumsHQ

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Gary Noble

I downloaded the kit and the sounds are of high quality with plenty of room to eq, compress,saturate or distort as you see fit

– Gary Noble (Grammy Award Winning Producer/Mix Engineer)

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  • NateyNxte
  • shawn hall

    How do i get down with these sounds?

    My emails

    Im open to all free kits please.

  • Ivano Gallo Gallitto

    Can i have a free sample pack please?

  • mathias

    please send it to me i havent trecieved it!

  • Louie Garza

    Didn’t receive the samples.

  • snackpack 420


  • Marcus Bess

    really good sounds thank you !!!

  • BoomDraw

    I verified my email and havent received the download link yet

  • Genrey G Brazil

    Dude, I cant download the free kit, I verified my email and stuff, but still I can’t!

  • sonicbeats

    thanks guys for this kit really enjoying it the 808s are out freaking standing thanks again

    • Justin Smith

      Awesome! So glad I could help

  • sonicbeats

    hey thanks guys really like these sounds thanks

  • DJGremlin

    yall on some b.s i downloaded it and confirmed my email address and i didnt get jack squat

    • Justin Smith

      Hey, definitely not. Had thousands download this kit and many have purchased the full kit, there is just a communication error between your ESP and my Server sending the email. I tried emailing (the email you used to comment with) to try and send over the kit but I am getting 554 error message which basically means that email address doesn’t exist. Please contact me here with a real email and I will get the issue resolved. Cheers.



    • Justin Smith

      Awesome! Glad you enjoy them.

  • Steve Griffen

    Seriously Dude, probably the best drum kit I have ever used……I liked it so much that I bought the full TrapDrumsHQ kit. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!!!!!

    • Justin Smith

      Great! I hop you continue to get a lot of use out of them. Cheers.

  • amine

    thats what i need
    from morocco

  • SlickBeatz

    WOW I LOVE THEM! Please tell me how to get the full kit, I want them all.

  • Thanks you
    I’m very emotions 😀 xD
    I’m from is Argentina

    • Justin Smith

      Hello from Canada!

  • Enyo Aluka

    oh man this sounds amazing Justin!

  • GGG


  • Damn Justin this pack is crazy!!!….I’ve been watching your videos since lastnight (around 7EST) took a cat nap around 6 in the morning (in my home studio chair of course, lol) and then went back to finishing EVERY video on this site…..I’ve been watching videos on youtube an learning from a lot of others; not to discredit them but your tutorials, lessons, tips, tricks, are easier for me to understand. I learned a lot in one night what I’ve been trying to learn the past 5-6 yrs. since I got serious about my production. Best believe you’ll be getting a link to a track I make with this Pack soon….Thanks for your help and all that you do on here!

    • Justin Smith

      Awesome to hear Jay. Glad you like the site.

  • Great Man!!!!!

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  • Tarh

    These are perfect.. Thank you for this

  • tonyopa

    Great demo kit man, I’m a beginner engineer and these sounds definitely helped me get a fuller feel overall.

  • Thx

  • Hey appreciate the sounds man real talk.. They sound great!

    • Justin Smith

      Glad to hear!


    Hey I can’t Download it. I get a message that says an error has “occurred”.

    • Justin Smith

      Hey, I am working on the issue right now.
      I will send out courtesy emails to everyone who tried to sign up once it is resolved.
      Thanks for understanding.

  • mrmackie

    Justin. NICE SOUNDS BRO! I wanna hug you (no homo) lol.

  • Terence Kearns

    Fabulous work. Can’t wait to try them out…

    • Justin Smith

      Great to hear Terence.

  • Hey looking forward to using this. Can u please resend an email link. thanks

  • aamir

    thanks for the pack


    Great Drums by a Great Engineer!!! I used the samples this past week and they cut through a dense mix beautifully. You’re on to something here…Any chance of an RNB/POP Kit in the future?

    • Justin Smith

      Hey Cordey, thanks so much.
      I don’t know what the future holds but anything’s possible!

  • didnt get any email

    • Justin Smith

      Email Sent…

  • najah

    Great Kit!

    • Justin Smith

      Awesome, Thanks Najah

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    i did not get a email , can you help me please thank you

    • Justin Smith

      Just sent you an email.


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    Thank you so much!

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    Thanks Man !! great work!!

  • Real dope sounds, I love them!!!



  • Andre


    Sounds really great, but I can’t seem to send my e-mail to you in order to get the demo download, it keeps showing errors. Could you send it over to


    • Justin Smith

      Hey Andre. You came up as “unconfirmed” meaning you didn’t confirm your email. I just removed your address. Enter your email again and check your inbox for a confirmation email, then open it and click the link to confirm your email address. Check your SPAM box if you have to. Once confirmed you will be sent a link to the download.

      • clifford

        i didn’t get the email , can you help me ?

        • Justin Smith

          Sent you an email.

  • red

    thank you

  • Yungaondabeat

    Where can I buy the full complete kit?

    • Justin Smith

      You can find out more info about the FULL TRAP DRUM KIT here. Hope you’re enjoying the Free samples!!

  • Thanx

  • Ras Irie

    Much thanks, Justin! Very cool freebie!

  • Eric

    Thanks so much for these!!!

    • Justin Smith

      You’re Welcome!

  • Janaka c perera

    Thanks very much justin really appreciated your sample pack!!


    • Justin Smith

      Hey Jan,
      Your very Welcome! All the best.

  • Steadman Dublin

    Greate site, very informative

    • Justin Smith

      Thanks Steadman. Glad you like and enjoy the Free kit. Cheers!

  • Blackout Sounds

    Thank you very much bro!!! you are awesome!!! This is like Christmas in summer ^_^ !!! Much thanks

    • Justin Smith

      Haha, who doesn’t like Christmas right? Glad you like them. When you use the samples to make some tracks, post it on my YouTube video, I would love to hear what you did with the samples. Plus I am giving away the full kit (300+ samples) free to one person every month who posts on my YouTube vid. Cheers!!!