The Best High Quality Trap Drum Kit

The Best High Quality Trap Drum Kit

65 FREE HQ Trap Drum Samples

HQ Recording

These sounds were all recorded from analog gear into a pair of API 312 preamps. If you are familiar with API’s you know how wonderful the midrange is.

Only The Best Were Chosen

From there I personally went through 1600 sounds and picked the best ones.  I refined some more, did some layering and ended up with what I felt where the absolute best 300+ sounds.  This FREE pack contains 65 of those 300.

Additional Processing

I specifically went through every sound and tweaked them with EQ, Tape Emulation and a few other tools to get the cleanest, yet most aggressive sounds I possibly could and I am more than happy with the results.

Contents of the FREE Trap Drum Sample Pack

This of course is a free sample of the FULL VERSION of Trap Drums HQ but this FREE pack contains 65 VERY High Quality sounds, along with a standard 808 kit that I left unprocessed.  I know it can be hard to find an 808 kit that hasn’t been sent through the ringer so this is a *BONUS* gift for you and is absolutely Free.  Your Welcome!

So What’s inside?

  • MM-TDHQ-1.Clean 808 Kit
  • MM-TDHQ-808s
  • MM-TDHQ-Claps
  • MM-TDHQ-Crashes
  • MM-TDHQ-Hats
  • MM-TDHQ-Kicks
  • MM-TDHQ-Open Hats
  • MM-TDHQ-Rides
  • MM-TDHQ-Snares
  • MM-TDHQ-Toms
  • MM-TDHQ-Tuned808s

In each of those folders is approx 5-10 samples with a total of 65 really HIGH QUALITY sounds made for trap music.

So there you have it.  Whether you are producing, mixing music, or maybe a bit of both, these high quality trap samples will serve all of your needs.  Remember if you liked these samples, don’t be forget to check out the full kit here.

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