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Mixing Vocals: A 13 Step Guide For Beginners

When it comes to mixing vocals it can be a pretty convoluted process as nothing is really ever the same. That said, I did realize that I have somewhat of a checklist (in my head) that I run through as I’m mixing vocals. Find out what they are…

Mixing Headphones Homepage


How to Mix Music: A Beginner’s Guide

Learning to mix music can be a fairly cumbersome task, especially if you have never even attempted it before. I realize that there are MANY looming questions on the subject so I decided to put together this beginners guide to help you along.

The Latest

Stan Greene - Mix Engineer

Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Stan Greene

Stan Greene is a mix engineer based out of North Hollywood, CA.  He started his career working at one of the most renowned studios in Los Angeles – Larrabee Sound Studios in North Hollywood, CA…

10 Pro Fav Compressor

10 Pro Mixing Engineers Discuss Their Favourite In-The-Box Compressors

Last week I posted an article where I took quotes from 10 very successful audio engineers who told me what their favourite in-the-box equalizer was. So this week is the exact same concept except for…

Anthony G-1

Psychology of a Mix Engineer: An Interview With Anthony Galatis

Anthony Galatis is a london-based producer, songwriter and mix-engineer with several No.1 and top 10 hits to his name. He runs Uptown Studios, a boutique recording studio in London’s prestigious Matrix Complex and works with…

10 Pro Fav EQs-1

10 Pro Mixing Engineers Discuss Their Favourite In-The-Box Equalizers

Ever since starting Modern Mixing, I’ve had the privelage of speaking with some very talented engineers (some whose work I have followed for some time) in a series I like to call the Psychology of…

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